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Citrizyme® Dual Ezymatic Cleaner with New EZ-Pour Spout - Evacuation

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Citrizyme® Dual Ezymatic Cleaner with New EZ-Pour Spout

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Unique, concentrated, dual enzymatic evacuation system cleaner, ultrasonic solution and instrument pre-soak all in one.
Recommended for use with amalgam separators
  • New EZ Pour spout! No more lost scoop!
  • Essentially neutral pH of 7.7 - Approved for use with Amalgamators
  • One product for 3 jobs - Evacuation system cleaner, ultrasonic solution and instrument pre-soak
  • Fast-acting dual enzyme formula quickly removes proteins & carbohydrates associated with “gray slime”
  • Dissolves instantly in warm tap water – no mixing required
  • Premium non-foaming formula
  • Leaves no residue
  • Fresh citrus scent & color
  • Save money with larger sizes - Available in packets (50pk or money saving Magnum 250pk) or powder form (300g or 900g)
  • Home Uses:
  • Clogged Drain - Fill sink ½ way with warm water, add two packets or two scoops of Citrizyme and allow sink to drain slowly. Repeat weekly to keep the drain fresh and clean.
  • Stinky/Stuck Garbage Disposal - Same as above but drain sink while garbage disposal is running. Repeat weekly to keep the disposal fresh and clean.
  • Dirty Dishwasher - Add two scoops or two packets of Citrizyme to your Dishwasher soap receptacle. Run dishwasher with or without dirty dishes.
  • Repeat weekly to keep the dishwasher fresh and clean.
  • Stuck on Food - Soak pots pans that have baked on, stuck on food in Citrizyme. Fill pots or pan with warm water add one scoop or one packet of Citrizyme and let soak for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes. Add more soaking time and more Citrizyme for more stubborn messes.
Enzymatic Cleaner # of Treatments Order No.
Citizyme Powder with EZ Pour Spout (300g) 140 15-250
Citrizyme Packets (50 count) 100 15-260
Citizyme Powder with EZ Pour Spout (900g) 420 15-270
Citizyme Magnum Valu Pak (250 count) 500 15-275

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