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Citrizyme - Evacuation
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Ultra Concentrated Enzymatic Evacuation System Cleaner.

Citrizyme® is also an excellent Instrument Pre-soak & Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution!

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  Citrizyme is also an excellent instrument pre-soak & ultrasonic cleaning solution
Fast-acting dual enzyme formula quickly removes proteins & carbohydrates associated with “gray slime” (Inanimate organic material or deposits)*

Leaves no residue

Premium non-foaming formula

Dissolves instantly in warm tap water – no mixing required


Fresh citrus scent & color




  Enzymatic Cleaner   # of Treatments   Order No.
  Citrizyme Canister (300g)   140   15-250
  Citrizyme Packets (50 count)   100   15-260
  Citrizyme Keg (900g)   420   15-270

* Citrizyme is not a pesticide or disinfectant.


  Clogged Drain, Stinky Garbage Disposal, Dirty Dishwasher, Stuck on Food?
Citrizyme can help take care of all these problems, naturally!

Clogged Drain - Fill sink ½ way with warm water, add two packets or two scoops of Citrizyme and allow sink to drain slowly. Repeat weekly to keep the drain fresh and clean.

Stinky Garbage Disposal - Same as above but drain sink while garbage disposal is running. Repeat weekly to keep the disposal fresh and clean.

Dirty Dishwasher - Add two scoops or two packets of Citrizyme to your Dishwasher soap receptacle. Run dishwasher with or without dirty dishes.
Repeat weekly to keep the dishwasher fresh and clean.

Stuck on Food - Soak pots pans that have baked on, stuck on food in Citrizyme. Fill pots or pan with warm water add one scoop or one packet of Citrizyme and let soak for a minimum of 20 minutes. Add more soaking time and more Citrizyme for more stubborn messes.

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