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Banicide Plus - Infection Control
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Banicide® Plus

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Sterilize or disinfect your instruments, plastics, and impressions with confidence! Bacterical, Fungicidal and Virucidal. Banicide Plus, once activated is an alkaline glutaraldehyde solution. The higher percentage of glutaraldehyde is appropriate when increased bioburden is of concern. Mint scent added to mask the odor of glutaraldehyde.

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Sterilize or disinfect your instruments, plastics and impressions with confidence!

·  3.4% Glutaraldehyde disinfection and sterilization solution
·  Appropriate for increased bio-burden concerns
·  Antimicrobial agent of choice for dental materials that cannot
be sterilized by heat and steam methods
·  Banicide Plus, once activated, is an alkaline glutaraldehyde solution
·  Mint scent


  Infection Control   Order No.
  Banicide Plus (1 gallon)   15-200
  Banicide Plus Test Strips (60 count )   35-720
  Glycine, Glutaraldehyde Deactivator (850g)   35-725
* Product not available in Canada

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