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Mission Statement:
"As a leader in the worldwide dental health care industry, our mission is not only to provide the highest quality goods and services to the dental professional, but to establish a partnership with our customers. Through this partnership, we make it our goal to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. This was the goal upon which Dr. Paschall founded the company, and it continues to motivate us more than half a century later."

In 1935, Dr. Benjamin Stuart Paschall, M.D. founded Pascal Company in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Paschall, with dedication, innovation, integrity, and a genuine concern for his employees, established the company's goal of providing the best product and service possible. Today, we at Pascal Company embrace the same ideals to provide superior quality products and exceptional service.

Dr. Paschall's son, Benjamin, demonstrates the concern for his employees that his father had by encouraging all members of the Pascal Company family to regard the company as their own. Providing an atmosphere in which the employees have the opportunity to realize their professional and personal goals results in a unified commitment to quality, integrity, and value for our customers

Pascal Past

Dr. Benjamin Paschall (Circa 1939) Dr. Benjamin Paschall Involved with all aspects of Pascal (Circa 1939) Pascal laboratory (Circa 1939)
Pascal office staff (Circa 1939) Pascal research development (Circa 1939)

Pascal Present

Pascal Laboratory Pascal Laboratory